Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekly Update w/ Pictures

Hi All! Happy Friday!  It's a long weekend ahead--thank God!  We stopped by the house today, and they have completed so much!

They started the deck this past Tuesday (11/8/11), and they hope to complete it by next Tuesday (11/15/11).  The exterior features of the home (brick and vinyl) have been completed.  All the tiles have been laid throughout the house.  PM mentioned that he noticed the workers laid some of the accent tiles in my bathroom a little sloppy, so he is ON IT! That will be fixed.  All cabinets have been installed as well.  The second coat of paint has been completed, also.

Friday: Wash the brick using some type of acid mixture to make the brick look pretty :).  Guardian will also be installing the keypads.  We will have a security keypad in the foyer and in the master bedroom.

Next Week: PM said they are waiting on the gas to be connected.  Once that happens, they can begin pouring concrete for the front stoop, sidewalk, and begin landscaping.  They will also be installing light fixtures, more flooring (tiles in foyer, hardwood in kitchen), and the toilets will also be installed.

The house looks great, in my opinion.  I noticed the errors in the tile in the master bedroom.  There were multiple cracks in the accent tiles, but they will get fixed.  Enjoy the pictures :)

Front of the house
Coat Closet in Foyer

Laundry Room (sorry for blurry pic)
My kitchen!  I love it!!!  The only regret is that I wish I would have chosen the glass doors on the island; they look so pretty, but I was being cheap.


View of Great Room - Double Moulding would have been nice, but I guess we can do that for cheaper at a later date.
View of Great Room from kitchen.

Master Tub; there are SEVERAL broken pieces of tiles on the accent tiles...but, those will get replaced.

Vanity in Master Bath - Absolute Black Granite Countertop and Cherry Bordeaux Cabinets
Accent Tile in Tub - I'm sure you can see the issue with these tiles.  It's uneven!
Master Shower - My issue with this is why doesn't the accent tile extend all the way to the right?

Cardboard is protecting the tiles, but they're laid diagonally.
Tray ceiling in master bedroom with molding--can't wait to get this painted!
View of room from bathroom
Another view of room
Master Closet
Master Closet

Secondary Bath-- we opted for the almond tiles as opposed to the white.
Secondary Bath

Second Bedroom
Second Bedroom
Closet in Second Bedroom
Third Bedroom

Third Bedroom Closet
Third Bedroom

Staircase leading to Great Room
View of Great Room from Stairs
View of Powder Room
Powder Room
View of Great Room and Kitchen

Stairs leading to Foyer
I know there are a lot of pictures of the kitchen, but I am absolutely in love with it.
Space for Dishwasher
Space for gas range and microwave
View of recessed lights

Stairs leading to Foyer

Foyer-- door to the right is the boiler room.  Door straight ahead is the garage
Working on the deck


  1. I love your bathrooms, great taste (wink wink)! The house is coming along so beautifully I cant wait to see the finished product. Your getting closer and closer.

  2. Everything looks great, I posted on Carlito's blog about regretting not getting the glass doors on the island also, they do look good. The cabinets look great, it's the maple cognac right? You have to be getting so excited, you are getting so close now.

  3. @Romero and Esmeralda, thanks--I trust that the PM will have these repaired in no ti,e!
    @Carlito, thank you! We are so anxious to go to closing.
    @Rosita, even though I wish we would've gotten the glass doors on the island, I am certain it's way cheaper to do it independently than with Ryan. It's on my to-do list. Yup! Maple them!

  4. Looks so great! We chose Maple Cognac for our kitchen too, love that color. Your bathroom looks so distinguished with the darker cherry wood and the accent tiles. Good color combos! I think you are right, you're better off getting the glass doors on the island later on. And also that way, no danger of breaking one of them during the move-in process.

  5. @John&Colleen--thanks for the compliments!

  6. I am also in love with your kitchen. I think that the island is so much more workable than the one in the Rosecliff model. I wish having an island like that was an option for us! Its so nice to see all of your selections coming together...its going to be done before you know it! Get them to fix that tile in the bathroom...i agree that it should go all the way to the end of the shower. I wish there was an option to add a corner shelf in the shower - I mean where do you put the shampoo? Were going to be forced to get a shelf that hangs from the shower head :(

  7. @Meghan--thank you! Yes, the bathroom tile will definitely get fixed. I forgot to mention to my PM that I would like for the accent tile to extend all the way to the end of the shower. I'm not sure why it doesn't--it looks unfinished.

    I've seen on some blogs where the master bathroom has a corner shelf. I definitely would have preferred two of those. The one shelf seems a little inefficient.