Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weekly Update

Things are moving right along!  Just received the "update" call from our PM.  The schedule is as follows:

Today: The roof has been tapered, and half of the shingles are completed.

Friday - Saturday: Setting up interior walls, setting up stairs for all levels, moving island a foot further away (like model)**, Heating and Cooling; Finishing Shingles

 Monday: Plumbing

Tuesday - Wednesday: Install windows and doors!!! <--I'm SOO excited about that!

Thursday - Friday: Laying brick (weather permitting)

**We had a custom change done on the kitchen island.  In the model, the island is about a foot away from the opposite counter.  However, one of our future neighbors allowed us to view his home after it was completed, and we were shocked that the amount of space that he had between the island and the opposite counter is not the same as the Model Home.  When we contacted SR, he told us that we had to pay a custom change fee in order to have our island exactly like the Model's.  Can we say "RIDICULOUS?!" At any rate, Jay and I paid the fee for the change.  You can really see and feel the difference in space.

Also, our PM said that Guardian should be contacting us in about 2 weeks to set up our last meeting to finalize jack/cable placements, etc.  Sadly, though, we are still going by the estimate closing month of the end of November that our PM said last week.  I asked him again, and he said it is still too early to give a closing/settlement date.  What gives?!  I just want a SPECIFIC day--that's all!


  1. That's kind of stupid of them to have a different placement of the island in the model that is "custom" It's one thing if its an upgrade. But to display a model with custom changes just seems entirely unnecessary. Sorry you had to cough up some extra dough for something as silly as that!

  2. @John and Colleen You know, I believe somewhere in that THICK contract it says something to the effect of some things that are in the model are not customary to the homes that will be built. My frustration was that the change order was not considered an upgrade; I was upset because I had to pay to have my island placed identically to that of the mode--that should be standard if it's the "model" home. Also, had I not visited our future neighbor's home, I would have had ANY idea that the island would be placed differently in my home! They can be so SNEAKY!