Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekly Update

Our fantastic PM called me a few minutes ago for an update--I was given some surprising news.  The schedule is as follows:

They have finished framing the 3rd level.  As of right now, they are putting up the plywood roof; this should be completed by the day's end.

Saturday & Monday: Party Walls will be put in between the homes.  I didn't know what Party Walls were, but in a nutshell, the PM said that they build fire resistant walls in between the homes, and they also serve as a barrier for noise...we're building a townhome, remember?

Tuesday: Install the entire roof

Wednesday: PM will inspect each individual home to ensure that everything is copasetic.

Thursday: Heating and Cooling installation will begin.  They will begin with Unit A.  PM anticipates that they will finish that by next Saturday (10/15/11).

We chatted for awhile, and I asked PM if an anticipated closing date has been set.  Remember that we were given an early December delivery date, but the surprise is that although they cannot give us a specific day for closing, PM has said that he anticipates closing will now be the END OF NOVEMBER.  November is next month!!! I was not expecting that AT ALL. I'm excited, but very nervous.  I feel like this is all moving very quickly.  When he said "end of November," I kid you not---I literally felt flutters in my stomach.

At any rate, we'll be stopping by tomorrow to view the progress.  I'll have pics up by tomorrow evening.  Happy Building :)


  1. YAY ...Thats great news!! Hope it all stays on track and you can be in before Dec!

  2. That is awesome news! You could be completely settled in and be able to enjoy Christmas in your new home!

  3. That's so awesome I hope you have boxes cuz u might as well start the early stages of packing!

  4. @Carlito, I'm wondering when we should actually start packing. We really do not have much stuff to bring with us.

  5. Very jealous! Can't wait to see pictures! My husband and I have started packing already. Not because we have a lot of stuff, but just because we can't wait to move! I hope they stick to that November closing date for you.

  6. @John & Colleen, the construction of your home will start before you know it!