Monday, October 31, 2011

Dry-Wall Pictures (Lots of Pics)

Hi Everyone, I hope all is well with you and your home building process. Jay and I stopped by the house today, and as always, I couldn't stop smiling.  The brick is up on all of the homes.  Our home, however, is half brick and half vinyl.  The vinyl will be installed this week.

Coat Closet (kind of small)

Boiler Room

View of Garage

Back of house (Deck will be installed in a few weeks)

View of Homes

Front of my house! Vinyl will be put up this week.

View of homes-- the all brick looks nice, but it was more $$$

View of Study aka Jay's Man-Cave

Windows in Study

Top of stairs (3rd level)

Top of stairs

Front door in foyer

2nd Level - View of Great Room

View of stairs in Foyer

View of Kitchen -- Pantry on right



Powder Room on 2nd Level

View of Great Room

Laundry Room

Tray Ceiling in Master Bedroom!

Master Tub

Shower--The entry way to the right of the shower is where the toilet will be.

View of Master Bedroom

Alternate View of Master

Semi-View of Master from Closet

Master Closet

Master Closet


Hallway from Master 

Secondary Bath 

Linen Closet (Yes, I's small)

Baby Girl's Room

Baby Girl's Closet 

Alternate View of Baby Girl's Room

The Little Mister's Room

 CLOSING UPDATE: I spoke with our PM today about changing our settlement date.  He said that the date that is on the letter is not firm.  He said more than likely, closing would be the first week of December, which is great.


  1. Everything looks amazing, can't wait to see a pic of the house with the vinyl. It seems like you get great natural light in your living spaces. Awesome!

  2. Everything is looking great! Glad to hear that the dates should work out for you.

  3. @John and Colleen, thanks! We were very surprised with how much light we would receive because our home is an interior unit; I love it! Vinyl should be up this week, so I will take pics Saturday when we stop by :)

    @Rachel, thank you! Yes, it was a relief to know that the dates indicated in the letter are not solid. PM said that this Thursday, he should have a more definitive date.

  4. Looks great! You will live the tray ceiling even more once they put the molding in it! It gives the room so much character! Hopefully they can move the date. They kept asking if ours was ok with our schedule so I think they are kinda flexible.

  5. That said love....not live. Darn phone spellcheck!

  6. I love the tray ceiling and the windows in your great room and kitchen.

  7. @New Build Boob, thanks! yes, I cannot wait to see tray ceiling with the molding. I wish, though, that we had the option to choose the shape of the tray ceiling. I love the one in the pentagon shape!

    @Casey, thank you :) The windows in the great room in the model home are gorgeous--the kitchen and the great room is what sold me!

  8. Ditto on the tray ceiling...we have 3 of them in our house and they take the rooms to a new level...we only got the lights on one of them and the additional trim that you get when you add the lights takes the tray ceiling up another whole notch in character. That is one thing we did not know...adding the lights is more then just a string of rope's the electric and additional trim work as well.

  9. It looks great! Love it! Lots of light. And it looks huge!

  10. @Noey814 Before this process started, I really wanted a SF, but I am so happy we went with the TH. It really is big for a TH. Thanks!