Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crash & Burn

I was on Cloud 9 yesterday; but at this moment, I don't feel as joyful.  I guess this is my crash and burn stage from yesterday's excitement.  I guess I will use the phone call from our PM as a scapegoat.

Our PM called not too long ago for the weekly update--here goes:

Thursday: all windows and doors have been installed.
Friday: Guardian will be in the home.  Fire sprinklers will also be installed.
Saturday: he didn't mention anything...
Next week: Inspection, dry wall, & bricks will be laid.

I don't know...perhaps, I expected to hear our closing date, or perhaps it's because our PM said that we will not have a pre-dry wall  meeting like all you other bloggers.  PM said that the pre-dry wall meeting is totally up to us. And again, I'm still harping over the fact that we still don't have a definitive closing date.  Anyway, happy building...


  1. The pre-dry wall meeting is optional?

  2. According to our PM, yes, it is optional. When he told me that they would start dry wall next week, I said, "So, when do we meet with you for our pre-dry wall meeting?" He said, "Well, you can meet with me whenever you like, but you do not have to unless you see something is wrong."

    From our meeting with Guardian yesterday, everything appeared fine. I don't know, I guess his response just didn't sit well with me. :-/

  3. I was worried about the official closing date also! We only got the letter a week ago with the times and dates and that was the first thing we heard since all our delays. I would ask an expected completion date from your PM. After drywall, there shouldn't be too many delays unless it deals with not being about to get the workers in.

  4. I would totally insist on having the pre-drywall meeting. Have you tried speaking with NVR? I was able to get an approximate closing date from NVR prior to the PM knowing the closing date.

  5. @KayandJay Our PM gave us an expected completion date of "the end of November." Maybe I just need to be patient.

    @SW No, we've only spoken to NVR when dealing with our loan/paperwork. I'll give our loan officer a call, though. As far as the pre-drywall meeting, I really do not know what to think. I'm thinking to myself, "Okay, if we aren't going to have a pre-drywall meeting, does this mean we won't have a final walk-through also, when the time comes?" I just figured that this stuff was standard, especially since I am kind of basing our home construction process off of the experiences of you all.

  6. WHAT!!!! NO pre-drywall?? Seriously? I have NEVER heard of that! In the many many Ryan blogs I have followed (single home and town home) I have NEVER heard of this!

    You MUST have a pre-settlement walk through. It sounds like your PM is a bit lazy. I'm so sorry. Can you, for lack, of a better word, demand one from him?

    You should has him for a settlement date. At pre-drywall PM's can give you a closing a date. If drywall is going up, he should be able to give you one.

    Keep us posted hon.

  7. I thought the pre-drywall meeting was a standard Ryan Homes practice. Be patient...once the drywall has been completed you will be given a pretty firm closing date...both verbally and in the mail. The reason for waiting till after drywall is there are a ton of inspections that take place before drywall can begin...all of which can hold things up...after that it is fairly smooth sailing...or at least it should be...Good Luck!!!

  8. It was listed as standard on my paperwork.