Monday, October 31, 2011

Dry-Wall Pictures (Lots of Pics)

Hi Everyone, I hope all is well with you and your home building process. Jay and I stopped by the house today, and as always, I couldn't stop smiling.  The brick is up on all of the homes.  Our home, however, is half brick and half vinyl.  The vinyl will be installed this week.

Coat Closet (kind of small)

Boiler Room

View of Garage

Back of house (Deck will be installed in a few weeks)

View of Homes

Front of my house! Vinyl will be put up this week.

View of homes-- the all brick looks nice, but it was more $$$

View of Study aka Jay's Man-Cave

Windows in Study

Top of stairs (3rd level)

Top of stairs

Front door in foyer

2nd Level - View of Great Room

View of stairs in Foyer

View of Kitchen -- Pantry on right



Powder Room on 2nd Level

View of Great Room

Laundry Room

Tray Ceiling in Master Bedroom!

Master Tub

Shower--The entry way to the right of the shower is where the toilet will be.

View of Master Bedroom

Alternate View of Master

Semi-View of Master from Closet

Master Closet

Master Closet


Hallway from Master 

Secondary Bath 

Linen Closet (Yes, I's small)

Baby Girl's Room

Baby Girl's Closet 

Alternate View of Baby Girl's Room

The Little Mister's Room

 CLOSING UPDATE: I spoke with our PM today about changing our settlement date.  He said that the date that is on the letter is not firm.  He said more than likely, closing would be the first week of December, which is great.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Moment I've Been Waiting For!

Today we received a letter in the mail with the Ryan Home logo--I surely wasn't expecting anything, though.  Inside, we found that our pre-settlement walk-through is scheduled for December 13th at 12 Noon, and SETTLEMENT is scheduled for DECEMBER 16th at 1:00 PM!!!  I am soooo happy!!!  That is 48 days from now--my how time is flying!  However, after all this anticipation and anxiety, there is a problem...

I am scheduled to go on a vacation with my girlfriends during that week. I leave on December 9th and I return December 16th; my money is locked in the vacation, and we booked our get-away before Jay and I signed our contract on our home.  Is there any way to have the dates moved?!  I know this may sound crazy, but if any of you have needed to change your date, please help me out a little... I would like to move the walk-through to December 8th, and I would like closing to be moved to December 19th...I really don't know if this is possible. I know I have the right to execute a power of attorney, but I don't want to do that because I really want to be at closing.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crash & Burn

I was on Cloud 9 yesterday; but at this moment, I don't feel as joyful.  I guess this is my crash and burn stage from yesterday's excitement.  I guess I will use the phone call from our PM as a scapegoat.

Our PM called not too long ago for the weekly update--here goes:

Thursday: all windows and doors have been installed.
Friday: Guardian will be in the home.  Fire sprinklers will also be installed.
Saturday: he didn't mention anything...
Next week: Inspection, dry wall, & bricks will be laid.

I don't know...perhaps, I expected to hear our closing date, or perhaps it's because our PM said that we will not have a pre-dry wall  meeting like all you other bloggers.  PM said that the pre-dry wall meeting is totally up to us. And again, I'm still harping over the fact that we still don't have a definitive closing date.  Anyway, happy building...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1st Pictures of the Inside!!!

We met with a rep from Guardian a few hours ago, and we had the opportunity to walk through for the first time!!!  OMG! I could not stop skipping, smiling, and snapping pictures.  I am soooo happy, you guys!  Anyway, enough rambling...on to the pictures!!

View of Garage
Stairs in Foyer

Partial View of Laundry Room


Windows in Study

Coat Closet in Foyer (kind of small)

Master Bath Soaking Tub

Master Bath Shower

Secondary Bath

View of the Great Room

Great Room

Kitchen (Partial View) 

Another view of Kitchen (island)


View of Great Room from Kitchen

Powder Room (Partial View)

View of Stairs from Foyer

Back of house 

Bricks! Hopefully, they will be laid tomorrow.

3rd Bedroom

Partial View of 2nd Bedroom

View of Master Bedroom Closet

Beazer Homes is developing a community across the fence from  Ryan.

Happy Building, everyone :)