Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well, this should have been my first post, but because I was so excited about breaking ground, I posted those pics first. 

A little background info:
We signed our contract back in June, and at the time we were given a delivery date of October 2011.  However, our delivery date is now early December 2011.

Jay and I had been looking to purchase our first home for awhile. Surprisingly, new construction was never really a thought for us.  But we were out visiting a friend of mine, and we noticed that Ryan Homes were building a new development!!!  So, we made an impromptu visit to the community, and the rest is history! We absolutely fell in love with the model townhome (our community will have townhomes and single-family homes). Unfortunately, however, there was only one model of the, we had to choose the "Inglewood" model by default.  There are two models for the single family: Melville and Michener II.

A few details about the townhome: 2 car garage, approx. 2100 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, and 2 1/2 Baths, 9' ceilings on Top 2 floors, Walk-In Owner's Bedroom closet, Two Tone Interior Paint, Eat-In Breakfast Bar, Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink in Kitchen, Moen chrome faucets, GE Appliances.

Now, for the selections!!! I was SOOO excited when we met with CTI to choose our carpet, hardwood, tiles, etc.

Scottsdale Square Maple Cognac 42" Cabinets (Satin Nickel Hardware)
Antique Mascarello (Formica) Countertops
Stainless Steel Appliances (included in package)
Floor: Manchester Gunstock Hardwood
Lighting: 6 Recessed Lights

Great Room
Floor: Snow Cream Carpet
Lighting: Rough-In for a light fixture

Master Bedroom:
Floor: Snow Cream Carpet
Lighting: Rough-In for light fixture
Tray Ceiling included in our package :)

2nd and 3rd Bedrooms:
Floor: Snow Cream Carpet
Lighting: Rough-In for light fixture

Owner's Bath - Absolute Black Granite Vanity, Wyoming Square Cherry Bordeaux cabinets, Stratford Place SD93 Trufflefield - Wisteria/Tortoise Accent Ceramic Tiles

Secondary Bath: White Vanity, Andover Square Maple Spice cabinets, Canyon Creek Vinyl Floor, Almond tiles in shower

Other Selections:
Foyer: Cafe Fidenza Tiles

Carpet: Snow Cream.  We chose to put carpet in the Great Room, the bedrooms, and the study.

Vinyl:  We opted to put vinyl in the laundry room, the powder room, and the secondary bath.

Exterior Features:
Siding Color of House: Sandstone

Front Door: Old Colonial Red

Exterior Accent Color: Almond

Brick Color: Commonwealth

Gutter/Spout: Almond

Elevation "C" Partial Brick, Lot 103D

At the time we signed our contract, the 10 x 20 deck, stainless steel appliances, and closing costs were included.  Our Sales Rep also included french doors to the study and to the deck!

To the far left, are the options for the kitchen. The tile on the bottom is what we chose for the Owner's Bath. The carpet that we chose is the first sample from the top left. The tile to the right (Cafe Fidenza) is what we chose for the foyer.

This cabinet (Maple Spice) and the vinyl (Canyon Creek) are what we chose for the Secondary Bath.

This is the model home gourmet kitchen.  I really wanted granite countertops, but I found this upgraded laminate (Formica) to be really nice.  I chose this same color.

Another view of the of kitchen.  I think it's just absolutely gorgeous.

Pantry: It's kind of small to me, but it will do for now :) Excuse the little Miss in the pic...our little one had to make sure everything was up to par!

This is the "Great Room." It's adjacent to the kitchen, and we really love the "open" feel. Already, I'm trying to decide how I want to decorate.

Owner's Bath: We have a stand alone shower, and the soaking tub.  I couldn't come to terms with purchasing the jetted tub.  These folks nickel and dime you for everything!

Owner's Bath Double Vanity.  The stand alone shower is to the left of the vanity (not pictured).

This is the study.  We won't be using this space as a study...this will be Jay's "man cave."  I HATE that word.
Back of Model

Outside of Model Home
 I didn't take any pictures of the upstairs and the foyer.

Our Lot!

There will be a lot of construction going on this week (per our PM). I am looking forward to visiting this week to see the progress and posting pics on the blog!


  1. That is a great looking townhouse!! Did you get a corner?

    You know what...Im a HUGE fan of stone counters...BUT your formica looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't think we had that color option or else I would have went for that! Its really pretty and honestly looks a lot like granite without all the care and maintenance! Very good choice.

    I wanted the jetted tub too (well not a first but then said what the heck add it) but we were too late in the change order to get it so we have the soaking tub too. After taking to 2 family members with the jetted tubs...1 said she used hers the first week she bought her house then maybe a handfull of times since in the last 6 years and the other said she barely used hers because its a pain to clean then one time when she was on vaca her motor (or pump or something) broke and leaked all over the bathroom...they had to replace everything down to the studs!! THAT scared me!! So yes it is TOTALLY awesome to have a jetted tub when you have aches and pains...but on the flip side...they can be the cause of aches and pains ;)

  2. @New Build Noob I wish our budget would have allowed for us to get a corner! It would have been nice to get the extra windows, but I love the interior just the same. Thanks for the compliments! I wasn't really thinking about the maintenance of a jetted tub, but after reading your comment, I'm even happier that we opted not to get it!

  3. Your selections look fantastic, so happy for you, we won't be to far from each other, we are building in Clinton, so practically neighbors :). This is the blog I mentioned in case you haven't seen it:

  4. @Rosita Yup, Clinton isn't too far from where I will be! I posted a comment on your recent post :)

  5. Beautiful townhouse. We chose the same cabinets and counters for the kitchen. As much as I like granite, I can't justify the expense. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  6. I can't believe it's a townhome! It's huge and beautiful! Love your selections too

  7. @Maryishness thanks! Yes, it's a GREAT size for a townhome--we are too excited!

  8. I love the set up and features of your home! Happy building! Congrats on your future home. :)

  9. Absolutely Beautiful! So glad I will be able to follow you and see your progress with building your townhome before mine is built! Definitely want to see lots of pics!

    - Colleen

  10. @John and Colleen Oh great! I was beginning to feel like I was the only one building a townhome amongst everyone who are building single family homes! I'm sure this is very exciting for you.

  11. I'm jealous that you get a 10x20 deck. I was told that in my community that the largest deck I can get is 5x20 since I have a 2 car garage. It is really disapointing.

  12. @Jen--I am in love with the deck. I wonder why there are restrictions on the size? What did the sales rep or PM say? Are you building a deck with your townhome?